Goodbye tedious prospecting, hello booked meetings

Designed for sales teams, Leadmatic is an AI assistant combined with sales intelligence that enables teams to quickly discover intent signals, find millions of prospects, create personalized messaging and so much more

Does your sales team face any of these issues?


Are you negatively impacting your outbound efforts by sending generic cold emails?


Are your SDRs spending over 30% of their time researching and prospecting individual prospects?


Are you not getting sufficient booked meetings from your outbound email campaigns?

Introducing the Sales AI Agent

Leadmatic is an AI agent that automates the tedious stuff so sales teams can do what they do best - actual selling.

Superintelligence for Sales Teams

Leadmatic helps companies get more meetings with their target prospects. We accomplish this by mining the public web in search of buying signals and extract key insights from that information. Our platform then creates personalized messaging for each prospect with the help of machine learning that sales teams can use resulting in more booked meetings and closed deals for your team.

Discover Opportunities in Near Real Time
Eliminate 1:1 Email Writing
Set More Appointments

Chat + Sales Intelligence = New Possibilities

Personalization at scaleCoaching and feedbackCompany Look-a-like SearchEnrichment Made EasyDeep Insights on Companies

Personalization at Scale

Millions of ways to personalize messaging based on an understanding of your ICP, companies and individual prospects.

Coaching and Feedback

Ask questions about your messaging and sales strategy to our AI and get feedback

Up-to-date Contact Database

Our contact database is constantly updated and growing in size. All emails are verified such that you never deal with stale data.

Company Look-a-like Search

Lookups based on natural language rather than complex filtering, the end result is being able to find companies at a much higher precision than ever before.

Enrichment Made Easy

Easily upload contacts and gain insights on them.

Deep Insights on Companies

We go beyond basic firmographic information and have more attributes on companies thanks to NLP.

By the Numbers


Increase in Response Rates

Our personalization methods create response rates far greater than industry averages due to their timeliness, relevance, and focus on communicating actual business value

Increase in Leads

We find opportunities in real-time from buying signals on the public web using data mining and machine learning which leads to a much greater increase in overall leads for you.

The Cost of Other Solutions

Outbound systems are costly to maintain for an organization, but we have significantly reduced the cost of running them for our partner companies with our advances in machine learning.

Ridiculously Good Emails

Automated sequences are often boring, irrelevant and don’t get responses. They also risk creating bad brand experiences and lost sales opportunities. We focus only on relevant personalization and communicating the underlying business value.

The Leadmatic Advantage

Unlock new revenue

Unlock New Revenue

Reach decision makers with timely, relevant messaging personalized to their specific needs


Gain Time Back for Your Sales Reps

Eliminate manual prospect research and 1:1 email writing


Increase Booked Meetings

Increase reponse rates by 200% or more with our personalized messaging and book more meetings with prospects


Personalization for Every Message

We construct messages from real time events on the web so our messaging is always timely and relevant


No Stale Data

Our web mining system finds prospects in real time gathering their most up to date information


No List Burning

We don’t burn through lists, ever. We find realtime information on the web that is timely and relevant.


Low Bounce Rates

We find prospects in real time gathering their most up to date information which results in the lowest bounce rates in industry


Expert AI Copywriter

Our AI copywriting system was trained on the top 1% of converting emails resulting in better quality writing compared to general purpose models

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Who does Leadmatic partner with?

Companies with the following characteristics are best suited for working with Leadmatic:

  • Check mark
    Average contract value of over $10,000
  • Check mark
    A clear understanding of their prospects and their problems
  • Check mark
    A clear value proposition for their products and services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leadmatic a lead generation service?
Yes, but we do things differently (and better). Leadmatic is an entire platform that brings together data, people and process. We do the heavy lifting in the lead generation process by uncovering sales opportunities from company signals (e.g. tweets, blog posts, new hires, job postings, etc.), targeting prospects within those organizations, and writing tailored copy for each individual prospect. Many of our processes are enabled by machine learning allowing us to uncover opportunities that are otherwise difficult to realize and allows us to tailor messaging to each individual prospect at scale. This process is further enhanced by expert copywriters that review each message to ensure the highest quality.
Is Leadmatic effective?
The methods and processes we use in the service are the same methods we have used to grow our own business. There is however a bit of a learning curve to each business that works with us. We try to first comprehend and understand your value proposition as a business and so results are not always immediate, but the service is ultimately effective.
What makes Leadmatic different?
What makes us different is that we are able to utlilize a combination of machine learning and expert copywriters to do uncover prospecting opportunities that otherwise go unnoticed. We do this efficiently and at scale. Learn more about our solution here.
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