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Managing the delivery of high-volume outbound emails is one of the biggest challenges that sales organizations face and delivery of an email to a prospect is not guaranteed. Combine Leadmatic’s data, deep personalizations, and talent to create a high-performing outbound system for your organization.

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How it works


Plan and Strategize

We work with each individual client to create a custom sales strategy. Our strategy workshops identify the value drivers of your business and identify target profiles of your prospects.


Gather Intelligence

We mine our proprietary databases to find potential prospects for you. Our databases are up to date and maintained for high quality leads.


Construct Personalized Messaging

Our sales copywriters work alongside our personalization AI engine to create customized email campaigns for each prospect that yield high response rates


Review Messaging

Each message is reviewed by our copywriting team to ensure each prospect is receiving relevant messaging.


Managed Delivery

Our team can customize a delivery plan for you. One option is that we return all of the data to you so that your team can execute campaigns. You retain all of the records in your CRM and your sales team will have 4-5x the number of engaged prospects in their pipeline that they would have otherwise had. The other option is that we manage campaigns on your behalf. We work with each customer to determine an optimal solution for them.



We review each campaign result with you and iterate if there are opportunities for improvement. Typically, each successful campaign sees improved results.

Partner with Leadmatic Today

Get more qualified leads, book more meetings and increase revenue without the headache of coming up with strategies, research, and copywriting.

Copilot Plan

The outbound process managed from end-to-end for your team

Starting at
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    Over 5,000+ personlized emails per month
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    All emails verified
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    Each email personalized to each prospect
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    Our team fully manages outreach for you
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    Warm leads forwarded to you with background information
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    0% commission rate
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    3-6 month engagement
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Who does Leadmatic partner with?

Companies with the following characteristics are best suited for working with Leadmatic:

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    Average contract value of over $10,000
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    A clear understanding of their prospects and their problems
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    A clear value proposition for their products and services

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